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...and not YOU working for them. Things work better this way cus you'll be moving in angles, you'll see..

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Many entrepreneurs and even "modern" marketers focus on mastering either Facebook Ads or Google Ads.

I call them the single-focus people

..who approach each marketing platform in silos.

Today they're promoting a launch via Facebook Ads..

Tomorrow they're giving out coupons using Google Ads.

Yet, they fail to recognize they're most likely trying to sell to the same people.

Hence, once potential clients see this brand inconsistency across platforms, it reduces trust and shrinks conversion. 

But that's not all...

A single-platform focus has other damaging consequences...

It doesn't create the consistency and repetition required to follow-up, convince, and convert prospects into customers. 

It's worse if you don't know how to work either of these ad platforms..

But, for now, lemme lump you in with those single-focus people.

I once had that wrong focus too; so, just bear with me. 


Now, switch your attention to the prospect(s) you're trying to convert using PPC marketing.

In most cases, they use Facebook and Messenger to stay in touch with loved ones daily. 

On the other hand, when curious or inquisitive, they search via Google, or watch their favorite "how-to" videos to learn new stuff on YouTube every day. 

Other times, they're either reading new contents on their favorite blogs, or..

chatting/scrolling feeds on Instagram. Like you do most times.

Imagine that you've mastered only Facebook Ads and promoted your business to users on Facebook alone.

Or you've gotten so good at Google Ads alone that your ads makes the first page of Google's search engine. 

Now ask yourself...

What happens when prospects that see your ad once on Facebook or Google refuse to take action and click on them?

Are you gonna let them go or wait for when they come back?


You shouldn't. They may never come back.

Chances are, they switch between Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, Messenger, etc., at lightening speeds - thanks to mobile. 

Thus, to increase your chances of boosting conversions..

You MUST be where they are...

It's why the CEO of SalesForce, Marc Benioff said...

"The future of communicating with customers rests in engaging with them through every possible channel: web, social networks, email, chat, and phone.

Customers are discussing a company's products and brand in real-time. Companies need to join the conversation, too."

Once I discovered this secret, I changed my game.

Instead of building a business heavily focused on one ad platform, or jumping helter-skelter across platforms...

Instead of promoting today via Facebook Ads and elsewhere tomorrow...

Instead of killing myself for the next Google Ads hack...

Instead of waiting on potential clients to stick to one platform (which they'd never do)...

I did something different.

I dumped the limited single-focus and found a way to combine things effectively.

How I now combine these ad platforms helps me to increase conversion and sales...

Because it creates never-changing conversion boosters like...

Thanks for reading. Shows me you're ready to improve your conversion & sales.

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